Good son: Saturday evening (11)

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You eat dinner with the whole family in the evening.

Laura and you quickly finish your meal. You both try to leave but your mother makes you stay until everybody is finished.

You tell her you just get something from the kitchen. The whole family is eating in the living room which is right next to the kitchen. Laura says she will help you and you both quickly go into the kitchen and close the door behind you. Your sister quickly pulls down her pants. You bend her over the kitchen counter and shove your dick inside her juicy cunt. You grab her ass and fuck her hard.

She tries to hold her voice back but slight moans come out anyway. The two of you are already lost in pleasure even though having sex right there is way too risky. Anybody could come in any minute.

She pulls her shirt over her head exposing her medium sized boobs. She is now completely naked getting fucked from behind by you. Her moans get louder and louder.

"Fuck me brother! Fuck me hard!" she yells at you.

All of a sudden the door to the kitchen opens and your grandmother stands in the entrance completely shocked from what she is seeing. What is worse is, that the whole family table can see inside now. Your whole family watches as you fuck your own sister from behind.

You try to pull out of her but your sister walks back with you and pushes her pussy back onto your dick taking you inside her again.

"Don´t you dare stop fucking me!" she screams out in pleasure. "I don´t care if our family sees us fucking! I am your wife now! We will be together forever! I will have your baby, so keep fucking me!"

Your whole family is speechless as you grab her ass again and pump in and out of her vagina as hard as you can.

After about a minute she walks forward of your penis and turns around. She grabs your cock and walks you inside the livingroom past your still shocked grandma.

She walks you over to the family table and sits down on top of it at the edge where she was sitting before. She guides your dick back inside her and lies back down on the table while wrapping her legs around you. You grab her hips and start to fuck her again.

"Look everybody!" your sister says while moaning loudly. "I am getting fucked by my little brother. We are lovers now and going to fuck all the time! I love him so much. And I love his big dick. He fits into my pussy perfectly! We are made for each other. I am going to have his baby! Cum inside me bro! Make your slutty sister pregnant! Incest is the best! I love it so much! I love you so much!"

As soon as she tells you that she loves you, you shoot your sperm inside of her. She pulls you down to her and the two of you start making out on top of the table.

After a while your family accepted your relationship and 9 months later your sister gave you a daughter. But that´s not the only child the two of you have together. You love your sister a lot and the two of you live for together for the rest of your life. A life which involves lots of kinky sex with the best bride you could wish for.

(ending 11)

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Good son

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