Good son: She takes your dick into her pussy

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Your mother climbs over you. You see her gorgeous ass as she straddles you, though facing away. You feel her play with your rock hard cock. She strokes you and you moan. She shushes you. "Be quiet, baby," she says. She tenderly strokes your shaft. You hear her speak with a lusty voice. "Oh yes. I need this," she says. She crawls forward until her pussy is directly above your rod. She descends and you feel her wet pussy lips meet you. She grinds on you. Your breathing becomes heavy and you gasp in pleasure. You hear your mother moan. She then raises herself up again and you feel her hand grab your cock. She rubs your cock head against her entrance. You very nearly slip in more than once. The anticipation tenses your whole body until her lips finally wrap around your tip. She pushes back and lets herself drop just a little and you sink into your mother for the first time.

"Oh, mom!" you moan. Your mother stops moving.

"Quiet I said!" she snaps at you. She raises up, nearly pulling you out of her. She freezes. For a second you wonder if that's the end of it. She relaxes with a sigh. "Just be quiet, ok?" You say nothing. After a moment, she takes you into herself again and starts bouncing on your cock. Pleasure washes over you. You grab her ass checks and meet her bouncing with thrusts. You establish a rhythm and feel your hard prick slide in and out of your mother's sweet pussy. Your mother starts moaning.

"Oh!" she says. "Oh yes, baby! Fuck me!" You say nothing but continue to oblige her.

Good son/Pull her back onto you and play with her tits

Good son/Play with your mother's ass as she rides your cock

Good son/Get vocal

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