Good son: Sunday morning (cam bathroom)

From Create Your Own Story

It´s Sunday morning. You have breakfast with the whole family. You quickly remove the cams you installed last evening to check them after you eat.

The cam in the bathroom has a weird angle to it. You don´t remember putting installing the cam like that. Did someone move the cam? You get to the point where the cams view was shifted. Your sister Laura is walking inside the bathroom. Right as she is about to take her top of she sees the cam.

"I know that´s your cam bro! You little pervert!" She turns the cam away to the wall. You can hear her taking a shower. You skip through the video right back to the end. In the morning Laura turns the cam back around and says: "I bet you were looking forward to jerking of to one of us taking a shower! Stop doing that you little pervert!"

good son: try to find a better place to put the cam

good son: don´t try it again

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