Good son: Sunday morning (cam your room)

From Create Your Own Story

It´s Sunday morning. You have breakfast with the whole family. You quickly remove the cams you installed last evening to check them after you eat.

You go through the footage and neither on the one in your room, nor the hallway is anything worth mentioning. But you can find something interesting on the one in the garage.

You can see the back of your dad. He is standing and leaning against the car. He is looking down to the floor.

Even though you can´t see the other side of the car you knock exactly what is going on. It definitely looks and sounds like someone is blowing your dad. But who the hell is it that is pleasuring him?

"Fuck! You are so good at this!" you can hear your father say, "I am about to cum!"

He moans as he cums. You still can´t see the slut that is receiving his sperm right now.

"That was delicious!" you hear from behind the car, "it´s a shame I can´t stay longer though"

Holy shit! You recognize the voice from the slut. It definitely sounds like Robin, a 16 year old boy from your neighborhood. So your dad is not only cheating on your mom, but also with a boy?

"I gotta go home quickly before my mom realizes I am gone." the boy says before standing up. You can now see his face behind the car and it´s definitely Robin!

The video ends here...

good son: tell your mom about him cheating on her

good son: masturbate while fantasizing about what just happened

good son: Pay Robin a private visit

good son: try to forget about it

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