Good son: Take his six-inch dick in hand and, looking into his eyes, ask him to fuck you

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Taking his flaccid six-inch cock in your hand, you begin to stroke him as you look up into his eyes and say "Please fuck me, Mr. Driver."

The bus driver pulls your head towards his now-growing cock. "Suck it, and I will make all your dreams come true," he says, and you take his semi-hard cock into your mouth. Your right hand wraps around as much of his shaft as it can, and you begin to move in a slow and steady rhythm up and down, sucking and licking, moaning as his dick grows harder in your hot mouth. Your left hand caresses his balls and he reaches full mast, and you pull away, rising to position yourself over the bench seat so he could fuck you, when his hand stops you. No face to face. He lays down on the bench, his head resting on the window, and points to you.

He's made it clear that since it was your idea, you'll have to do the work. You position yourself over his hard six-inch shaft, your own hard dick swinging in the air as you stroke it, gathering up your pre-cum and smearing it on your ass. He watches you, lust in his eyes, then reaches down and steadies his cock for you as his other hand starts to stoke your cock.

'No more waiting,' you think, as you lower yourself onto his six-inch dick, feeling its rather large mushroom head start to force its way into your tight shitter. It hurts at first, but you've felt worse, then it's in and he slides home, all the way to the base. You look over your shoulder, into his eyes, as you start to grind your hips into his crotch, taking care not to rise up enough for him to slip out of you as he strokes your dick.

The intense look in his eyes drives you wild while his hand moves faster on your eight-inch hard cock. The feeling of him inside you as his hand strokes you has you panting for release, and the way he stare into your eyes, as though he were fucking your very soul, pushes you over the edge. As you start to cum, his hand closes over the tip of your dick to catch it. You stare into his eyes as you climax, your body shaking from the release, before he raises his cum-covered hand and says "Lick it clean, boy."

You take his hand and start to lick it as his other hand grabs your hips and he thrust up into you. You cry out from the sudden renewal of his assault, but don't stop licking his hand clean. You take one of his fingers into your mouth and sucking on it like it was his cock, as he pounds into you, harder and faster with each thrust. As you moan from the savage pounding he is giving to you, you take another of his large calloused fingers into your mouth, tasting your cum, sticky and sweet, on his skin. Yyour own cock grows hard again as he find your prostate, and you cry out around his finger in pleasure.

His eyes burn into you as his rhythm increases, his dick striking your prostate over and over until you cry out, and, for the second time that morning, you cum. A few moments later he uses both of his hands as he pushes deep into your ass, and you feel his seed flow out into you. 'Yes,' you think, 'this is what I wanted, the feeling of warmth,' as his man seed fills your insides, and you slump forward, breathing hard.

As you clean yourself up and get dressed, the driver tells you that you are one hell of a lay. "Anytime you want to do that again, just ask." You nod and smile.

Good son: enter your classroom

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