Good son: Wait on Mom and Go Home

From Create Your Own Story

Your mom greets you with a smile, "I can't get over how gorgeous you look" she says as she kisses your forehead. You drive home and you hurriedly grab a your bags from the trunk, including the one from the sex shop, you then thank your mom and head up to your room. Filling up your wardrobe with all your new girly stuff and hide the sleazy bag under your bed.

Your mom enters your room wearing a robe and carrying a bag from the sex shop. You aren't certain what she is doing there, but know she will tell you soon enough.

"Take off your clothes and put one of your dresses on," she orders.

You are tempted to ask why, but you quickly take off all of your clothes and throw on a dress. It does nothing to hide your dick from her view.

When you are finished she says, "Now hold this, as she takes a massive dildo out of her bag and a bottle of lube. "I am going to fuck your man pussy with this dildo and you are going to enjoy it."

You smile as she forces you to bend over and begins to slide the massive dildo into your asshole.

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