Good son: Whine but its my turn to be the girl

From Create Your Own Story

Peter looks at you surprised but turned on, he suggests that you could both be girls. You agree and Peter drags you up to his room and gives you a full feminine makeover. By the time he's finished you look hotter than most of the girls at school, you look like a naughty schoolgirl the short plaid skirt, the tied up white shirt that exposes your stomach and knee high socks with high heels. Peter put your long black hair into pigtails just like his and his use of makeup changed you handsome face into a stunningly feminine one. He whispers in your ear "wanna fuck now?". Your reply to him is a simple kiss before you throw him on the bed, bend him over, grab his pigtails and begin fucking his brains out, he lets out a girlish squeal of joy as you pound his tight ass. After you both come after ten minutes of intense fucking you lay on Peter's bed cuddling, you whisper in his ear "I could get used to this girly thing, it gets me hard just looking like this".

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