Good son: Your Dad

From Create Your Own Story

Your father opens the door and is shocked at what he sees, his eyes linger on you as he stutters out an apology "S...sss...sorry Tim" and he quickly exits the room. This turns you on seeing your father's handsome face in awe of what he saw you doing, you know he was turned on by the whole thing and that thought sends you over the edge and you cum into your hand and you lick it up like it was sweet maple syrup. You tidy yourself up and stare at your ceiling thinking about your masturbatory fantasy. Your little meeting with Mr. Hunter ,and your father's blowjob session with Robin and it makes you come to a realization. You love being treated like a whore, you are turned on by dressing and acting like a girl and that you have the hots for your father. This sets out for you a clear plan.

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