Good son: a policeman is coming inside

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"So you are the bad boy today huh?" he says. "I hate kids like you that can´t play by the rules society dictates!"

He puts your hands on your back and puts handcuffs on you.

"I gotta teach you some discipline!" He pushes you off your chair. You fall down to the floor onto your knees.

The man pulls down his trousers and shorts. His massive hard 10 inch cock hitting you right in the face. You open your mouth trying to protest, but he shoves his penis right into you.

"Suck it!" he orders. "That is how justice tastes!"

You only get to suck his dick for a few seconds before he picks you back up from the ground and makes you sit on the table.

"Let´s see what you got in there!" he says while rubbing your dick through the jeans. "Well, you might as well enjoy yourself" He pulls your clothes of with practiced speed, letting your prick flops free, already hardened and ready for action. He kneels down and grasps your cock firmly in both of his hands. You're nervous for a moment. Seeing the concern in your eye, he laughs. "Hey, don't worry, boy. I wouldn't ruin a perfectly good cock like this... At least, not without getting a sample first..." he says, grinning. For emphasis, he leans down and gives your cock a slow, sensuous lick.

He moans lustily at the taste of cockflesh, and begins to pump your cock with one hand as his other begins to caress your balls. He continues the show for a good minute or two. You're as hard as you'll ever be, and when you manage to tear your gaze away from his face, you can see trickles of pre cum running down his dick.

"I can´t wait any longer!" he says, standing back up and pushing you back down on the table.

Impatiently, he spreads your legs and reaches forward. He grabs your ass and roughly squeezes your cheeks. He lines his meat up with your tight asshole.

You can only watch in lust and horror as his massive cock aligns with your hole. Finally, with a grunt, he pushes forward and spears you mercilessly on his shaft.

You scream in pain and pleasure from the rough entry, and struggle in a vain attempt to escape his imposing shaft.

The policeman merely shifts his grip from your large backside to your shoulders, grunting lewdly as he starts to roughly piston himself in and out of your abused hole.

"Fuck! They brought me an amazingly tight hole today! Usually the fucktoys I get are really disappointing," he laughs.

You moan in shame as you feel yourself growing hard from your rough fucking. Beads of lubricant splatter about as his brutal thrusts rock you. Each loud slap from his hips sends a wave of shock and pleasure quaking throughout your body, and you find yourself moaning each time. The scent of sex grows so overpowering it makes you even harder.

The man´s thrusts pick up the pace as he grows more excited at finally having a victim to fuck, his pumps cause his swollen nuts to slap meatily against your ass, rocking you in his strong, powerful arms. He grunts loudly. Looks like he's on the very verge of climax.

You scream as your asshole clenches, strangling his cock in a vice-like grip. Your shaft throbs as it send strings of cum flying straight onto his chest, painting it white.

He barely notices your orgasm as his own climax finally hits, letting out a cry as he cums inside you, a torrent of thick, hot cum gushing into your body.

Finally he gives out a few last grunts and stops. Messily he pulls out of you with an audible slurping sound, his cum-slicked cock dangling limply.

"That. Was. Awesome," he laughs, reaching up to give your nipple a pinch.

"Usually I let the ´criminals´ go at that point... but I don´t think I can let such an amazing piece of ass go like that," he says. "Let´s just do it like this... I want you to come to the station tomorrow again. If you don´t come I´ll call your parents ok?"

You just nod your head before he lets you go.

From that day onward he made you come to the police station almost every day, turning you into his sex slave.

(bad ending)

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