Good son: a policewoman is coming inside

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"So you are the bad boy today huh?" she says. "I hate kids like you that can´t play by the rules society dictates!"

She puts your hands on your back and puts handcuffs on you.

"I gotta teach you some discipline!" She pushes you off your chair. You fall down to the floor onto your knees.

The woman rolls her skirt up. She isn´t wearing any underwear. Even though the woman seems to be only about 30 years old, and in that generation a lot of women actually shave their pussies, she didn´t. She shoves your face right into her hairy twat.

"Eat it!" she orders. "That is how justice tastes!"

You only get to lick her pussy for a few seconds before she picks you back up from the ground to your feet and pushes you against the wall.

"Let´s see what you got in there!" she says while rubbing your dick through the jeans. "Well, you might as well enjoy yourself" She pulls off your clothes with practiced speed, letting your prick flops free, already hardened and ready for action. She kneels down and grasps your cock firmly in both of her hands. You're nervous for a moment. Seeing the concern in your eye, she laughs. "Hey, don't worry, boy. I wouldn't ruin a perfectly good cock like this... At least, not without getting a sample first..." she says, grinning. For emphasis, she leans down and gives your cock a slow, sensuous lick.

She moans lustily at the taste of cockflesh, and begins to pump your cock with one hand as her other wanders up and begins to caress her heavy tits, grasping one for a moment, then reaching over and tweaking the other's nipple so hard she winces. She continues the show for a good minute or two, pumping your cock in time with her self-pleasuring. You're as hard as you'll ever be, and when you manage to tear your gaze away from her luscious tits, you can see trickles of moisture running down her thighs.

"I gotta have your dick inside me!" she says, lining her cunt up with your cock head. Before she lowers herself down onto you, however, she quickly removes your handcuffs and grabs your hands and sets them to work on her breasts. She leans heavily upon your grasp as she sinks down, engulfing the tip of your cock. The inside of her slit feels like it's on fire.

"Fuck! They brought me an amazing dick today! Usually the fucktoys I get are really disappointing. Does that get you off? Well, how about some of THIS!" she laughs, suddenly ramming you inside her, swallowing you to the base of your cock. You gasp in delight, mind numbed by the half-pain, half-pleasure of the burning sensation around your cock. With one foot against the wall and the other on the ground she starts ramming her hips into you.

The two of you continue like this for some time, you busily working her tits and sucking at them as she fucks your cock.

Finally, you can take no more. You feel the mounting pressure in your crotch, signaling impending orgasm. You clamp down hard on her pillowy tits and give a mighty last suck as you pump a burst of spunk deep inside her. She gasps at the sensation and grabs your hips as another shot goes off inside her. Panting, she gives you one massive, final thrust and cums herself, squeezing your prick hard inside her while screaming loudly. She falls to the ground, panting heavily. "That. Was. Awesome," she laughs, reaching up to give your nipple a pinch as she licks your penis clean. The policewoman gives you one last grin and withdraws her mouth from you.

"Usually I let the ´criminals´ go at that point... but I don´t think I can let such an amazing piece of meat go like that," she says. "Let´s just do it like this... I want you to come to the station tomorrow again. If you don´t come I´ll call your parents ok?"

You just nod your head before she lets you go.

From that day onward she made you come to the police station almost every day, turning you into her sex slave.

(bad ending)

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