Good son: action (03)

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to watch an action movie. The movie theater is full with teenagers.

The plot of the movie is unbelievably dumb. You still have a good time watching it with Sarah. She really seemed to enjoy watching the movie together with you. Half way through the movie during a kiss scene she took your hand and the both of you were holding hands until the movie ended. While the credits are rolling everybody is leaving the theater. The only one left sitting through it are you and Sarah. You look over to her not sure if you should leave now. She stares right back into your eyes and moves closer giving you a nice long kiss.

"Do you maybe want to go to my place? We can hang out there this evening and you can sleep over in our guest room," she suggests.

good son: you would love to go with her

tell her you donĀ“t have time and go home for the good son: evening

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