Good son: admit that you grew to love his dick (18)

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"I knew it!" your grandfather says. "Your mouth can´t live without my dick anymore am I right?"

Your grandpa goes to the kitchen to get something to drink. You decide to check your father´s phone again. He got a message about 45 minutes ago:

"We can´t meet at my place tomorrow morning! We gotta fuck in your garage again!" the message reads.

The three of you continue watching the movie. Afterwards you all decide to go to bed.

You walk past your parents room and peek inside. Your mom and grandma are still watching TV inside, which means your grandfather is in his room right now. You get inside your room and get ready to go to bed.

You wake up later that night. The lights in your room were turned on. You open your eyes and see your grandpa standing right beside your bed completely naked. His massive cock is rock hard and almost touching your face. The erotic and manly smell of his cock hits you right in the nose. You grab your grandfathers huge meat and put the tip right above your mouth. It´s now covering both of your noseholes. Inhaling his scent now gets you hard in an instant. The shaft of his penis is touching your mouth, so you get your tongue out to start licking up and down.

You can´t hold on any longer. You push your blankets aside and drop down onto your knees and greedily take him far down your throat.

"I knew you would love sucking my cock by now!" James says. "I turned you into my personal little cockbitch! You want to swallow my sperm don´t you?"

You nod with his cock still deep in you before continuing to suck him deep inside your mouthpussy.

"Look up at me while you do that!" he orders you. You look up and see your grandfather is now holding a camera. You don´t feel too good about him taking pictures of you with his dick between your lips, but you can´t react in time before he takes the first picture.

You pull your mouth free from him and ask him: "what the..." You can´t get any further than that because your grandfather immediately shoves his dick back inside you. He takes another picture of you in this shameful act.

He now grabs the back of your head and starts pushing you down on his cock while fucking you deep inside your throat. You don´t mind it at all though. In fact... you love it. You don´t even gag anymore. The manly smell of your grandfather and his cock down your throat are driving you insane. You don´t even mind James taking more and more pictures of you.

"Look up at me and make a peace sign!" he orders you. You happily comply and do what he wants. After taking the pic he holds the camera in front of your face showing the picture to you. You can see a picture of yourself being totally mindbroken. You can see your own lust in your eyes. The boy in the picture won´t ever be able to live without getting his face fucked.

Your grandfather puts the camera away from you again to shoot more pictures. You quickly force your mouth free from his humongous meat to tell him the camera can shoot videos aswell.

"So you liked me shooting pictures so much you want me to make a little movie now? I know I turned you into a whore, but I had no idea how much of a slut you are."

He starts taking taking a video of the sexual situation you are in right now. After finishing videotaping you he plays it for you on the camera.

You see yourself kneeling on the floor with James dick in your hand. You see yourself smiling at the camera and say: "I love my grandfather! His huge penis tastes fantastic and I can´t wait to have my mouthpussy fucked. I am my grandfathers whore and my only purpose in life is to swallow his sperm."

"Well said. Now suck it!" you hear your grandfather say.

You watch yourself sucking him off. You really look like a huge bitch. Your grandfather is watching the video together with you and you see him getting hard again. He slowly starts to jerk his cock while watching the video. Seeing him pleasuring himself from a video of you makes you hot again. You push him down on your bed so he lies back. You then lie down slightly over him but in the other direction on your stomach and take his penis into your mouth once again while you both keep watching the video.

About two minutes later your grandfather and your grandfather in the video say at the same time: "I am cumming!"

You feel his sperm shooting inside your mouth and swallow everything while watching yourself swallow the load you just swallowed earlier.

"That´s so hot!" James grunts as he shoots his white juice inside you. "I know I trained you to become my personal cumdump and making you not being able to live without my cock anymore, but I aswell can´t live without fucking your sexy face anymore!"

"I love you grandpa!" you hear yourself say before the video shuts off.

Afterwards your grandfather gets dressed again and leaves your room.

Exhausted from what just happened you fall asleep very fast.

good son: Sunday morning (18)

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