Good son: an assfuck

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Oh my Tim said Mrs. Miller. My husbands out so if you promise to help we could go inside for some fun. Mrs. Miller was a dirty blonde woman about five-feet four and was about 30 pounds overweight and had the most humongous tits to match her big butt. She lead me inside to the living room couch and cuddled up next to me so close I could smell her perfume and her sweaty body. She started telling me that it is actually best if a more mature woman like her teaches me about sex. She was Flirting with me I thought as she started stroking her hand on my chest and rubbing my nipples until they felt hard. I didn't object to her feeling me up, so she started kissing me. She stuck her tongue into my mouth, and slid her hand down to my lap. She squeezed my penis through my pants. She complimented me on how well endowed I was. It surprised me when she started using both hands to unbuckle my belt and unzip my pants. She sure knew how to undress a guy I thought. She was even strong enough to pull my pants out from under my butt. Then she started pulling my tidy whites out from under my ass. As soon as she got a look at my cock she really got carried away. She kneeled in front of me and started to lick and then suck on my cock caressing my balls. She slowly brought me to the point of Cumming. She stopped before I could Cum in her magical mouth and sat up taking hold of my hand and guiding it to her socking wet crotch. Before I could do anything she stood and pulled her sun dress up to expose her crotch pulling her panties aside to expose her naturally hairy unkempt pussy. There were traces of dark brown hairs running down the insides of her legs and her pubis were covered with a thick patch of dark hair. Her labia minor protruded and the lips were a dark smoky gray color where the rest of her vagina was a healthy pink tone. When her pussy was exposed the smell of her arousal reached my nose. I really didn't care for the smell. She placed her hand on the back of my neck and pulled my head forward into her waiting sex. My nose was buried in her hairy cunt. I started licking her pussy like I did to the girls I knew, and some a little older than me. She had me eat her pussy until she let me know she was having an orgasm. As soon as she recovered she flung her leg over the back of the couch and guided my cock to her...

Straight sex . guided my cock to her hot wet pussy

Anal Play. guided my cock to her tight brown hole

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