Good son: are you a virgin? (Suzy)

From Create Your Own Story

"Of course not!" Suzy giggles.

"Who did you have sex with?" Norene asks.

"Only one question!" Suzy answers. "So... Norene! Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to go to your brother´s room and ask him if he wants to join us" Suzy dares.

"Oh come on Suzy! I can´t play this with my bro!"

"You gotta do it!" Suzy says.

With a displeased look on her face Norene leaves the room. A few minutes later she comes back with her brother. He is 20 years old with long black hair. He has a slim body type.

"Ok!" Norene says "New guy! Truth or dare?"

What do you pick?

good son: pick truth

good son: pick dare

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