Good son: ask for the way to your uncle´s room (07)

From Create Your Own Story

You follow her instructions and take the elevator up to the 4th floor. She said it´s romm number 415. It doesn´t take long to find the door. You knock and you can hear someone telling you to come inside. You open the door and immediately realise that this isn´t a patient room at all. It looks more like a lab. An older looking man is greeting you. He is wearing a doctor´s coat. He looks a lot more like a crazy professor than a doctor though. His hair is completely messy.

"Did you get sent here by the reception?" he asks you. You tell him you were looking for the room your uncle is staying in right now.

"Yes yes! I can tell you the right way in a second. Just take this first!" He hands you a pill and a glass of water.

good son: swallow the pill (07)

good son: ask him what the pill does (07)

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