Good son: ask her if she wants to have sex

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"Yes please!" the girl says with shining eyes. She quickly pulls her pyjama pants down revealing her tiny butt and already wet hairless pussy. She sits down at the edge of her bed and spreads her legs. You grab her ankles and pull her legs up, which forces the girl to lie down on her back. You place your cock on top of her little pussy and ask her if Kevin already had sex with her.

"No! Only with my brother! Kevin doesn´t like girls!" she answers. You don´t want to hurt her and slowly press your cock inside her.

"Oh yes! So good!" she moans. Your big cock doesn´t even seem to hurt her. You ask her if she is fine.

"Yes yes! Please do it faster!" You grab her hips and start pumping into Laurie hard.

"Oh my god! You are so much bigger than my bro! It feels so good!" Laurie starts screaming and moaning in pleasure. She quickly pulls her pyjama top over her head exposing her flat chest and small nipples.

You grab both her nipples and twist them. Her heart hammers in her chest, pumping hard enough for you to feel it beat through her teats. She twists her body, writhing out from under you while somehow keeping her nipples in your fingers the entire time. Laurie groans lustily.

She coos happily, in spite of the pain, and she begs, "Please kiss me!" her tongue already stretched outside her mouth. You bend down to accept her tongue kiss. The girl twirls her tongue around inside your mouth like a pro.

After a few minutes of pounding her she pulls her tongue back out of your mouth and asks: "do you want to shoot you white juice inside of me? Nobody shot it inside of me yet, but I really want to try it. I don´t think I can get babies yet anyway..."

You tell her you would love to cum inside her.

Laurie pants, "Ungh... yes! Stuff my slutty cunt," all while she wiggles massages her nipples, clearly enjoying the sensation. You can´t believe this small girl already knows words like slut. But then again... you can´t believe she is so good at sex either. She's quite skilled, and works your body in ways that leave you panting like a bitch in heat. She urges you on, practically begging, "Yes! Stuff my hole! Please... please... give it to me!"

You start fucking your little slut harder and faster, eliciting an agonized moan from your little whore.

"I can´t take your penis much longer!" Laurie moans in pleasure "I am about to cum! Please shoot your white stuff inside me!"

You can´t hold on anymore either and shoot your load inside her. She trembles as her own orgasm hits her while being filled with your baby juice.

"So... so good! Ugh... I can feel it inside me!"

You try to pull out of her, but Laurie pulls you back inside of her. "No please! Keep it inside of me a little bit longer." You do as she says and stay inside of her for a while until you are completely flacid again.

You walk her to the bathroom to clean her pussy. You open the door and see Kevin lying on the floor. Laurie´s twin brother David sitting on top of him riding his dick in the reverse cow-girl position. His hard dick jumping up and down as he slides up and down moaning like a little bitch.

"Did he fuck you?" Kevin asks Laurie.

She just nods and starts cleaning her pussy. You help her and try not to look at the two boys fucking. It´s really awkward so you hurry up and get out of the bathroom again. You play with Laurie for a while before the two boys join you. Kevin looks after the baby for the rest of the afternoon while you play with the twins.

In the evening their mother comes home and thanks you for looking after the kids. She gives you 50 dollar before you go home.

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