Good son: ask her if she wants to taste your cock

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You ask her if she wants to taste your cock. You see her smile for a second but she shakes her head and says: "you know I can´t do that. I am married. And even though your huge dick looks good I can´t risk my marriage over it"

You tell her you wouldn´t tell anybody. Mrs Miller doesn´t say anything for a while and just keeps stroking you with one hand while the other hand has moved into her jeans. The sight of Mrs Miller sitting there with her big tits masturbating with one hand while stroking your cock is just way too erotic. You feel like getting closer to cumming.

"I am gonna cum soon" you say "where do you want me to shoot it?"

Mrs Miller moves her head closer to you, opens her mouth and wraps her lips around your meat. She instantly bobs her head up and down while moaning loudly. You can´t believe what just happened and start shooting your sperm into her mouth. She takes everything eagerly and swallows every last drop.

"Oh my, I don´t know what came over me, but your cum really tastes great! Just don´t forget to come by after school and work my garden ok?" Mrs Miller tells you while winking.

You quickly get dressed and leave for school.

good son: enter your classroom (05)

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