Good son: ask her if you can see her tits

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You ask her if you can see her tits. She lets go of your penis for a second, pulls her shirt over her head and removes her bra. You swallow hard as her beautiful big boobs spring free.

She grabs your dick again and continues stroking.

"Do you like them?" she asks. "I hope you don´t mind getting a handjob from an old chubby woman like me."

Mrs Miller doesn´t say anything for a while and just keeps stroking you with one hand while the other hand has moved into her jeans. The sight of Mrs Miller sitting there with her big tits masturbating with one hand while stroking your cock is just way too erotic. You feel like getting closer to cumming.

"I am gonna cum soon" you say "where do you want me to shoot it?"

She moves closer pointing your dick at her big boobs. She strokes you harder and faster than before making you shoot all over her tits very fast. She now looks even hotter with your sperm droping down from her.

"Holy shit" she says with a surprised look on her face. "That´s a lot of cum! I gotta clean this up now. Just don´t forget to come by after school and work my garden ok?" Mrs Miller tells you while winking."

You quickly get dressed and leave for school.

good son: enter your classroom (05)

good son: Before pulling up your underwear, ask her to suck the cum off your dick

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