Good son: ask him about the rumor of him sucking of a teacher (07)

From Create Your Own Story

You ask him if he sucked off a teacher to get a good grade.

"What the fuck dude!" he says "what kind of question is that? I am not a whore you know! I definately didn´t suck his dick to get a good grade."

He leans in and gives you a hug while whispering into your ear: "I blew him because I loooove the taste of cocks <3"

He softly touches your cheeks while moving his face closer to you until your noses touch. "Don´t you agree that having a big dick inside you is just the best thing ever?"

good son: Tell him you love cocks and kiss him (07)

good son: drop to your knees and suck his dick in front of everybody

get out of this weird situation good son: after school (07)

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