Good son: ask him if he wants to smell the shorts you are wearing right now

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"Would you really play with my penis while smelling your shorts?" he asks you while his face lightens up.

You pull your trousers down and stand right next to his bed with your shorts on.

"Don´t you want to take them of and give them to me?" Ron asks you with a confused look on his face.

You tell him to smell them while you are still having them on. You instruct him to lie down on his back right at the edge of his bed. You step right up next to him. He just needs to turn his head to the side so that his face is right next to your shorts. Your brother quickly pulls down his own shorts and starts to jerk off. His dick was already hard as he set it free. It´s still growing and only about 4 inches long. No hair growing yet either.

He gets closer and closer to your shorts until his nose is touching your cock through the shorts. He lets out a slight moan as he deeply inhales your scent. He starts to shake and he starts to cum from smelling you. Well... it´s not real cum yet. He just has a dry orgasm.

He thanks you for helping him out before you leave his room.

You go to your room and watch tv for the rest of the evening before going to bed.

good son: go to sleep (08)

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