Good son: ask him to move his hands

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"Like this?" your brother asks as he starts moving his hnad up and down your shaft.

You tell him to grab a little tighter.

He still holds the head of your dick close to his nose while inhaling your scent. He moans lightly as he gives you a handjob and jerking his own cock at the same time.

"I am cumming big bro!" he says grabbing your dick even tighter and moving his hands up and down really fast. That is driving you over the edge too. You try to warn him, but your orgasm hits you too fast. Your first shot of cum sprays all over your brother´s face. He tries to say something, but as he opens his mouth you shoot again. Your sperm flying right into his mouth. He swallows all of it and quickly wraps his lips around the head of your penis while still jerking you. You keep climaxing inside his mouth while he shakes slightly from his own dry orgasm.

Your orgasm long pasted, but your brother is still trying to milk more out of you. He keeps sucking at the tip of your meat hungrily for a while. With a big ´plop´ he finally lets go.

"So tasty!" he says with shiny eyes while licking his lips. "Please let us do this again soon!"

You help him clean his face and take him to bed before going to sleep yourself.

good son: Sunday morning (08)

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