Good son: buy beer for everybody (Fey)

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"Are you serious?" Fey asks.

"Of course he is!" Norene says and walks to the door to open it for Fey.

"We split the money though! You will give it to me later!" Fey says before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

As soon as Fey is outside Norene quickly takes off her top and bra revealing her big tits and chubby body.

"What are you waiting for?" she asks "we only have limited time, so get rid of your clothes!"

You quickly undress. Norene, now completely naked aswell pushes you back down on her bed.

She climbs on top of you. Her big tits jiggle while she gets into a comfortable position. They practically beg to sucked. You nuzzle her nipples, gently sucking one into your mouth.

Norene grinds her hips against your dick as she moans softly into your ear, practically cumming on you from the suckling alone. You take a break and take the other nipple into your mouth, squeezing both her jiggling mounds.

Tired of the teasing, Norene yanks her nipples free of your mouth and kisses you fiercely. Her lips are hot, almost feverish, and taste of sweet cherries. Fiery warmth races through your body, collecting at your groin as her tongue curls around yours. She sucks on your lower lip before pulling back. Your shaft is just getting harder and harder, so tight it almost hurts. She grabs your cock with her hand, guiding it towards her dripping cunt. She squats down, taking the entire length in a quick thrust. She giggles and starts bouncing on you relentlessly, teasing her nipples and talking dirty to you the whole time, "Come on stud, fuck your slut. I want to walk around with your cum inside me for the rest of the day."

She keeps bouncing and riding your dick for a while, her fat and massive tits jiggling around. You canĀ“t take it any longer. You cum with near-painful intensity. Cum squirts from her fuckhole as she keeps riding, rubbing her belly with both hands and moaning. The waves of seed you're putting out seem far beyond your normal ability. She just licks her lips and winks in between orgasmic moans. Your balls ache from the explosive discharge, leaving you sore and exhausted.

Norene staggers to her feet, letting you flop free as some of your cum pours between her legs. She quickly puts her panties back on and rubs her vagina through it.

"I love the feeling of cum inside me!" She says smiling at you. You quickly get dressed too and wait for Fey to come back.

You drink beer for a while before you decide to go home and go to bed.

good son: morning

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