Good son: challenge her for a match

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"Are you crazy boy?" She says while still laughing. "You know you couldn´t possibly beat me. But you know... the fat chicks just left and we are alone now. So I wouldn´t mind beating the shit out of you."

You look around. The bbw women really just left the gym and nobody else seems to be around. You look back at the muscular woman. She has stopped her training for the first time and turns towards you.

Without giving you any time to react she grabs your throat. You grab her arm with both your hands and try to break free, but she is way stronger than you. She pushes you backwards a few steps while her hands still tightly grip around your throat. All of a sudden she lets go of your throat but hardly pushes against your chest with her other hand, making you stumble across one of the excercise mattresses lying around. You fall backwards onto your ass. She imediately gets on top of you and pins you onto the mattress. You are now lying on your back completely stretched out. She is sitting on your upper legs making it impossible for you to move them. With one hand she has pinned down both of your hands on the floor above your head. You try to get free, but it´s impossible to get free from her tight grip.

"Didn´t I tell you you would lose?" she asks with a grin on her face. With her one free hand she pulls down your pants a little bit to free your soft penis.

"I love to dominate little weak boys like you! Don´t worry! Just lie there and don´t move. I won´t hurt you. Just let me play with your little penis for a while"

She grabs your dick and starts to jerk you. You didn´t want to get hard, but her handjob skills just are way too good. Her tight grip and fast movements make your cock stand up quickly.

"Oh wow!" the muscular woman gasps "I didn´t expect for a little bitch like you to have a big dick like that. Looks like I will enjoy you a lot more than I thought!"

She lets go of you for a short time to pull down her workout shorts and get rid of her sports bra. Her tits aren´t very big but still kinda nice looking even though her upper body is very muscular and without the breasts would look like a man. You don´t even try to run away anymore because you know you wouldn´t have any chance of getting away from her. As she sits down back onto you she grabs your hard cock and slowly inserts it into her already wet and completely shaven puassy.

"Oh yeah!" she grunts in pleasure "I love your big dick!"

She doesn´t wait long and imediately starts to ride your dick hard. A lot of girls just awkwardly ride on a dick and don´t move a lot, but since this chick is so trained she is a total pro. Never in your wildest dreams you thought a girl could ride you as hard as this one. You don´t mind her looks nor her slight sweaty smell anymore and enjoy the pleasure she gives you. You ask her if you can touch her tits.

"uuuhm... ok!?" she says while getting a little bit red. She lets go of your hands and you play with her small bouncing tits. Grabbing them and pinching her nipples. You move your body up a little and start to lick and suck her tits while the muscular chick still fucks you hard.

"You are the first person to ever play with my breasts" she tells you while moaning in pleasure. "Do you like them?"

You tell her you love them. She gets even more red in her face from your answer. She softly grabs your chin and makes you look upwards to give you a kiss. Even though her whole body is very masculine and she has a short haircut, her face still is very feminine and pretty. You passionately make out while still getting fucked hard and playing with her tits. You move your lips away from hers to tell her you are close to cumming.

"Shoot everything inside me!" she begs "make me pregnant! I love your dick so much! Give me your seed!"

She moves her head back to once again kiss you. She seems to go even harder on you now and you can´t hold back anymore. But it doesn´t seem like she can either. She starts to shake violently while you shoot spurt after spurt of cum into her.

"I love you! I love you so much!" she cries out in pleasure while taking your cum "I want your baby! I love youuuuu!"

You leave your cock inside her for about 3 more minutes while making out with her. She finally lets go of you and gets up. She quickly gets up and leaves for the showers.

Three weeks later the muscular woman shows up at your house telling you she is pregnant. You tell her you are too young to have a baby. She grabs you by the throat and throws you back down on your bed. She tells you she will take care of the baby but you need to satisfy her needs from today on. From that day on she comes by every day forcing you to fuck her hard.

(bad ending)

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Good son

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