Good son: fuck both girls

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Without saying anything you push Angela away from your sister´s pussy and line your own dick up with her. With one push you shove the whole length inside of her tight cunt.

"Oh yes!" your sister moans loudly.

You piston back and forth, while your sister´s cunt is gripping you tightly.

"Kiss me!" your sister says with a begging tone in her voice. You pull her body up to you. She sticks her tongue into your mouth and swirls it around, while still moaning like a little bitch.

Siri grasps at your chest, eventually seizing your shoulder for support, though she leans backwards.

You keep this up for a while before fatigue takes over. You carefully lay your sister down and continue your work unhindered. You turn your head slightly and see Angela has started to finger her pussy, while staring at you. You motion her to come over to you. As soon as she is in your range you pull her towards you and give her a quick kiss on the lips.

"Oh no! Please let´s kiss a little lon..." before Angela can finish the sentence you have already turned her around and pushed her body on top of your sister. You pull your hard cock out of your sister, grab Angela´s small butt and slowly push inside her tiny pussy. Her entrance is very narrow. The sensation of her tight cunt around your cock is insane. The feeling is amazing. You slowly start to move inside of her. You wonder which pussy you like more. Angela is extremely tight, but Siri´s walls pulled at you greedily as you fucked her.

"Ouch!" Angela says. "Slow please."

Your sister pulls Angela´s face down to her and the two girls start making out on the bed right in front of you. You pull back out of Angela and stick it back into your sister´s hole. For the next few minutes you alternate between the two cunts in front of you. The two girls' moans get extremely loud. You should be worried someone might hear you, but you don´t really care anymore at this point. You are in heaven.

Your sister´s pussy starts pulling your dick deeper and deeper inside of her and Angela starts getting used to your big dick and can almost take the whole length now too. You can´t hold back anymore. You tell the girls you are about to cum.

"Shoot it on my ass!" Angela says. You quickly pull your penis out of her. The pressure is way too much though and you shoot it very far. Your cum shoots all over her ass and back. Some of it even hits your sister´s face.

"Now we gotta clean all this" Angela says laughing.

From that day on the three of you started fucking all the time. Angela´s breasts were always small, but no matter how hard you fucked her, her pussy always kept the sweet tightness which you never grew tired of. Siri turned out to be the sluttier one of the girls though. She wanted to get her ass fucked all the time and she would let you cum inside her constantly.

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Good son

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