Good son: give him what he wants

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Your dick has been rock hard since you first saw him at the door. You donĀ“t need him to beg for it, you would have given it to him anyway.

Peter starts to wiggle his ass at you like a bitch in heat. You pull down your pants and take your 8 inch dick out. Precum has already formed at the tip of your 9 inch cock. Peter sees the precum and quickly drops on his knees in front of you to lick it up from your dick. He takes the tip of your dick in his mouth, swirls his tongue around once and takes it back out of his mouth while slightly sucking. He then turns back around and sticks his ass out at you in the same position he was before.

You grab the lube from his table and lube your dick up. Stepping up behind him you line your dick up with his ass and slowly press forward.

"Oh yeah! Finally!" Peter cries out in pleasure.

You grab his small but very soft buttcheeks with both of your hand and slowly move in and out of him. Peter starts moaning like a little girl. His moans just turn you on even more and you start to fasten your paste. You go faster and faster pumping your cock into the little guys asshole. The moans of the little slut go louder the faster you fuck him. You decide to go rougher on him, so you grab his ass harder and once in a while spank one of his asscheeks. He loves getting spanked and every time you do it he squeals loudly in pleasure.

"Please grab my hair and fuck me even harder," he begs you. You instantly grab his pig tails with both hands each and pull him deeper into you. Your penis is now completely in him. You pull back out and pull him back into you by his hair. Once again you fasten yoou paste and go faster and rougher on him than before. Only this time, every time you pull him onto your dick, you go all the way to the base.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he moans "I love your dick so much! I am your little whore! I am your little asswhore master! <3 Fuck my asspussy! harder! Harder! HARDER!"

Since you are going so hard and rough now, every time you go back and forth his small, hard 5 inch penis swings back and forth, hitting your balls. You now take both his pigtails into one hand and with the other one grab his dick. Fucking him while jacking off his cute small cock is such a turn on.

You feel your orgasm rising and tell him you are going to cum soon.

"fuck yes! Give me your sperm! Shoot it all inside my ass" he moans in delight. "I am cumming too! Make your little bitchboy pregnant"

Peter now is literally screaming out on pleasure. Good thing nobody else is home to hear you fucking.

After a couple more pumps you shoot your hot load deep inside him. Almost at the same time Peter cums all over your hand with his cock.

"kiss, kiss," he begs you.

You pull him back by his hair once more and the two of you make out passionately with your cock still deep inside him. Your tongues swirl around each other while you empty your last drops into him before pulling back.

He drops to the ground immediately and licks your dick clean of all the sperm left on it. At the same time you lick your hands clean of his sweet sperm.

Years later Peter completely turned himself into a woman and the two of you got married.

(ending 02)

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Good son

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