Good son: go to Sarahs room

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The door to Sarahs room is slightly open. You slowly open it so you can slip inside. The lights are out and it´s very dark inside. You silently sneak to her bed. Only as you stand right next to the bed you realise Sarah isn´t lying in it. Where did she go?

You quietly sneak back out and back to the guestroom. You close the door behind you and walk back to your bed.

"Please fuck me!" you hear someone whisper behind you. You turn around and see Sarah standing behind you completely naked. She quickly pushes you back on the bed and lies on top of you. Sarah puts her lips onto yours and pushes her tongue inside your mouth.

You grab her nice firm ass as Sarah puts her hand into your shorts and starts stroking your dick.

"I can´t wait anymore" Sarah whispers, sits up in the cowgirl position and quickly pulls your shorts down.

As she sits down sliding your dick into her tight pussy you see her big c cup tits for the first time. Not being able to resist you grab them and start playing with them while Sarah starts to move up and down. She is extremely tight inside. The feeling of her tight cunt gripping at your cock is way too good. You probably won´t be able to keep this up for long.

"I love it!" Sarah cries out "I had a crush on you for like sooo long. I love you so much!" She pulls your upper body up to her and you start to kiss in a tight embrace once again. The sweet smell and taste of her are intoxicating. You can´t hold it in any longer. You tell her you are about to cum.

"Already?" she asks a little bit disappointed. She dismounts you and quickly starts blowing you as you shoot your hot cum into her. She swallows everything like a pro.

"Ready for round two?" she asks with a big smile on her face.

The two of you keep fucking the whole night. From that point onwards the two of you are a couple and a few years later the two of you get married.

(ending 03)

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Good son

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