Good son: meet Richard and his friends behind the church

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You decide you want to go see the black guy you met this afternoon.

There is a small parking area behind the church where him and his friends meet. As you approach the group you can see him and about 3 other black guys that all seem to be in their mid twenties.

Richards face lightens up as you he sees you. He greets you and turns towards the other guys saying: "That´s the boy I have been talking about guys."

One of the guys turns towards you. He is pretty tall and chubby. He asks: "So you are a little gay bitch that likes to suck dick?" He opens the zipper of his pants and takes out his 10 inch cock. "Do you want to suck it?"

You nod and drop to your knees and greedily take him into your mouth. You had a lot of experience so you can take his 10 inch dick right down to the root. You start sucking him hard.

"Oh shit" the chubby guy says. "You are amazing at this"

The other two friends of Richard have now take their dicks out aswell and step to either side of you. Their dicks aren´t as big as the other guys. It´s only about 7 inches. Both of them take one of your hands and place them on their cocks. You start jerking them off while still taking the other guys big dick deep into your mouth.

Richard now walks behind you and makes you stand up. But you never let your attention go from the other dicks and continue to jerk and suck them. You are now bend over. Richard quickly pulls your pants down and exposes your own hard cock and ass. He quickly lubes up his dick and your ass and starts pushing his big meat inside you. The feeling is amazing. Getting the attention of 4 guys at the same time is a huge turn on. You are their whore and they can use you however they like. The anal and oral pleasure you get out of this is just way too good.

You start alternating sucking between the 3 dicks taking everyone of them into your mouthpussy while jerking of the other two.

"I am going to cum!" the guy on your left says. You quickly pull your mouth from the guy on the right which you have been sucking of and start blowing the guy on your left again. He starts shooting his sperm into your mouth as soon as you take him inside. You bob your head up and down as you swallow every last drop he gives you.

As soon as he is soft you start sucking the chubby guy again.

"Shit I am going to cum too!" he says and grabs the back of your head. He starts fucking your mouth with his huge dick shooting his jizz right down your throat.

"I can´t hold it either!" the guy on your right says. But since the chubby guy is still cumming inside you he starts shooting. it all over your face. The feeling of someone cumming down your throat and jizz droping from your face at the same time as you get fucked anally is the best feeling in the world.

As soon as both of them are done, Richard grabs both of your arms and pulls them back. Your back is now completely bend upwards. He starts pulling you and pumping inside your ass hard and fast. Both of you can´t hold it any longer. As soon as Richard shoots his load inside your ass you have an anal orgasm an your jizz comes flying out of your dick onto the ground.

You fall to the ground while Richard is still cumming and his cum shoots all over your body.

You sit there for only about 5 seconds before the chubby guy pulls you up to your feet again. He bends you over the front of one of the cars and sticks his dick into your asspussy.

"It´s my turn now!" he says and starts fucking you. They all take turns fucking you and letting you blow them the whole night.

You walk home completely covered in cum.

From that day forward they started fucking you behind the church every friday. You look forward to that day the whole week. But it doesn´t take long until that isn´t enough for you anymore. You start selling your body to men on the street and let anyone with a dick fuck you. That´s how your life as a bitchboy and male prostitute began.

(ending 12)

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