Good son: stay with Veronica

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You lie with the young girl for most of the night and creep back to the guest room just before dawn. Over the next months you stay over at the Millers' several more times and have more adventures with Veronica exploring each others' bodies and peeping in at her mom and sister having sex together.

Eventually Mr Miller caught his wife and daughter and the result was a messy divorce. Sarah moved to another town with her mom while Veronica stayed in the house with her dad. Before very long Miller had become a hopeless crack addict and Veronica began spending increasing amounts of time at your place. Soon you and her were openly in a relationship and years later you got married. Your busy and energetic sex life meant that you never had time to ponder the strange Oedipal significance of falling in love with a girl with the same name as your mother.

(ending 06)

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Good son

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