Good son: tell her to come over to your house right now

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30 minutes later Jen is standing in your room in front of you.

She takes her cothes of revealing her nice big tits and her smooth pussy.

You tell her to lie down on your back on the bad. You pull her legs up in the air and get behind her. You rub your hard dick on the entrance of her pussy for a while so she´ll get wet before slowly sliding inside of her. It´s her second time so you go slow on her. You bend down on her and start to suck her nicely shaped c cup tits. You ask her if it feels good for her.

"Yes, it doesn´t hurt anymore," Jen says. You start to fuck her harder and suck and knead her breasts harder as well.

"I like it when you play with my tits. Sarah likes playing with them as well. She was always sucking on them like a baby. Afterwards she would always lick my pussy out."

Jen talking about lesbian sex with her friend makes you go insane. You turn her around and make her go on all four. You step behind her and start fucking her doggy style.

You grab her nice peach butt as you pump your meat into her fuckhole.

"Oh wow!" Jen moans "that feels nice! Almost as good as the tongue of Sarah!"

Now her constant comparisons to Sarah start to get a little bit annoying. You will show her how to feel reaaaally good! You grab her ass hard and fuck her as hard and fast as you can.

"Oh my god! What are you doing?" she screams out in pleasure. "I am going to cum!" Her whole body is shaking as she cums on your dick. You don´t care though and keep fucking her harder and harder.

"No way!" Jen cries out. "You are making me cum again!" Not even a minute after her last orgasm she once again cums from getting penetrated. Over the next 5 minutes you make her cum three more times before you are finally about to shoot your load.

"I never imagined sex with a boy could feel so good" Jen says with lust in her voice. "I don´t care about Sarah anymore! Please let me be your girlfriend! I need your dick every day now!"

You quickly pull out of her and cum all over her ass.

From that day onwards the two of you were a couple and you fucked every day. But your relationship didn´t last long. Jen turned into a total slut. She cheated on you all the time with other guys. You even caught her getting fucked by her father once. So you broke up a few month after getting together with her.

(ending 04)

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Good son

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