Good son: tell your sister to sit on Angela´s face

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Your sister doesn't hesitate long, and climbs on top of Angela, facing you. Siri starts to moan immediately as Angela grabs her butt and starts licking her clit. Angela spreads her cheeks apart, slides one finger inside her asshole, and starts fingering her.

"Oh no! Ah! Not my ass!" your sister complains, but her face clearly shows she is enjoying it. She is breathing heavily and sticking her tongue out. Seeing your little sister succumbing to horniness, with Angela's tight pussy walls pulling at your dick while you fuck her, is too much for you to resist. You are close to cumming.

"Your penis is amazing! It feels completely different from the toys," Angela says. "It's way better!" Angela's breathing hard, with about half of your cock inside of her tight hole. You get her legs down from your shoulders and spread them apart.

Her pussy starts pulling your dick deeper and deeper inside of her. You can´t hold back anymore. You tell her you are about to cum.

"Kiss me!" your sister demands, and pulls your face right into her. She sticks her tongue into your mouth and swirls it around, still moaning like a little bitch.

"Shoot it on my belly!" Angela says. You quickly pull your penis out of her. It's kinda hard, since your sister is pulling at your face. The pressure is way too much, though, and you shoot it hard, all over Angela´s chest. Some of it even hits your sister's stomach.

Angela's darting tongue brings Siri to a squealing orgasm, and she squirts her girl-cum all over Angela's face.

"Now I've gotta go to the bathroom," Angela laughs.

From that day on, you and Angela became a couple. Years later, you even married her. Her breasts were always small, but no matter how hard you fucked her, her pussy always kept the same sweet taste and tightness, of which you never grew tired. Sometimes Siri joined the two of you, but you never fucked her. Kissing was as far as you would go.

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Good son

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