Good son: wait for a while and then sneak out again

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You wait for about 30 minutes before you try to sneak out again. You are just about to open your door, as someone from the other side opens it. It´s not too dark inside the room since the moonlight is shining through the window. You can´t see all too clearly, but judging by the size it can only be Angela. She quickly slips inside the room and silently closes the door again.

"I heard you talk to my mom earlier" she whispers. "Do you really love me?"

Before you can answer she unbuttons her pyjama and lets it fall to the ground. The petite girl is now standing completely naked in front of you. The only thing she is still wearing is her glasses. The reflection of the moonlight on her body makes her look extremely hot. You walk towards her and kiss her. She has to get up on her toes to kiss you since she is quite a bit smaller than you. Her lips taste extremely sweet. You can´t hold back to stick your tongue inside her. While tonguekissing you grab her small buttcheeks with one of your hands and her chest with the other. She doesn´t really have any breasts yet.

You lead her to the bed and lay her on her back.

"This is my first time" Angela says with a scared tone in her voice. You promise her to be careful. You kneel down in front of the bed and grab both her legs. You lay her legs over your shoulders and dive your face into her little pussy. She doesn´t have any hair yet. You start licking her clit. The taste of her make you forget about everything bad that ever happened in your life. Her pussy tastes way too good.

"Oh yes! I have been dreaming about this" she whispers. "Please put it inside me! Your... your penis!"

You ask her if it is really ok for you to fuck her.

"Don´t worry about it" she says. "I sometimes play with my mother´s sextoys." Even though the moon is the only source of light in the room you can still see her face get red from saying that. The bed isn´t very high. You keep kneeling in front of the bed and just pull her right to the edge of the bed. Her legs are still on each side of your shoulders. You slowly push your hard dick inside her tiny pussy. Her entrance is very narrow. The sensation of her tight cunt around your cock is insane. The feeling is amazing. You slowly start to move inside of her.

"Ouch!" Angela says. "Slow please."

You only get about a third of your penis inside her and try to be gentle and slow. After a few minutes she seems to get used to it a little more.

"It feels completely different from the toys" Angela says. "It is way better!" The girl starts to breathe hard. You now get about half of your cock inside of her tight hole. You get her legs down from your shoulders and spread them apart. You then bend down on top of her and start to lick and suck on her small nipples.

"You are such a baby" she giggles, but the giggling is getting replaced by moans quickly. Her pussy starts pulling your dick deeper and deeper inside of her. You can´t hold back anymore. You tell her you are about to cum.

"Shoot it on my belly!" she says. You quickly pull your penis out of her. The pressure is way too much though and you shoot it very far. Your cum shoots all over her chest. Some of it even hits her face.

"Now I gotta go to the bathroom" Angela says laughing.

From that day on the two of you became a couple. Years later you even married her. Her breasts were always small, but no matter how hard you fucked her, her pussy always kept the sweet taste and tightness which you never grew tired of.

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Good son

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