Good son: you get caught by your aunt

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You don´t even hear your aunt enter the room.

"Do you need some help?" she asks you with a grin on her face.

You just sit there shocked with your hard dick still in your hand. You quickly pull your pants up.

"Don´t put it away! You need to release your stress don´t you? If you want my help... just come to my room in 2 minutes ok?"

She turns around and leaves the room. Her fat ass is swaying back and forth.

You are still very hard... you wait about a minute. You can´t wait any longer and rush outside your room.

You open the door to your aunt´s room.

She is already lying on the bed, her knees bent so that her huge ass is up in the air while her face is flat on the bed. She is completely naked. You are too shocked to move and don´t know what the hell you should do.

"Don´t make me wait! Fuck me!" your aunt orders you.

You quickly strip of your clothes and climb on the bed behind her. You guide your dick into her exposed fat pussy. You grab her huge butt with both of your hands and start to pound the chubby slut. The feeling of her fat ass slapping against your body every time you go inside her is amazing.

"Fuck yeah!" your aunt moans "I always wanted to get fucked by you! I just didn´t know you liked fat sluts like me!"

After fucking her from behind for a while you turn her around and lie her down on her back. You get on top of her and once again fuck her cunt. Her big boobs and stomach fat wobbles around more and more as you fuck her harder and faster. She grunts and screams your name over and over again so loudly that you can´t believe anybody heard you yet. But you don´t really care about it anyway. Sex with your aunt is so hot that you wouldn't stop if someone came in anyway.

"Give me your cum! Make me your bitch! Getting fucked by my nephew is the best thing ever! I love you so much! I am your dirty fucking whore! Fuck my fat cunt and make me pregnant!"

The dirty talk from your aunt drives you over the edge. With one last stroke you drive your cock completely into her and shoot every last drop of sperm into her. She screams out your name over and over again while being filled with your cum.

"You can fuck me again any time you want!" she tells you before you leave her room and go to bed.

Your aunt really did get pregnant from that night, and 9 months later of you fucking your fat bitch every night she gave birth to your first child. Since you could never resist pumping your cum deep inside her, she gave birth to a lot more children over the years.

(ending 13)

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Good son

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