Grind your pussy against hers

From Create Your Own Story

You peel down your blue bottoms, and your mom follows the same lead. Tongues are flying while you become naked.

Once they are off, Mom pushes her crotch to yours. You feel her warm, wet pussy against yours. Then your mom moves up your body, still holding the kiss, and your pussies slide past each other. She moves back down slowly and you moan into her mouth.

The grinding starts to go faster, and you finally have to break lips. You both are breathing heavily as your vaginas slide past each other. You start gasping at the increased pleasure with every stroke.

"More, mommy, more!" you breathe.

She acknowledges and sits up. She then proceeds to scissor you. Soon both of you are moaning loudly. You start to move up and down to get more of this feeling. Now you two are screaming at orgasm after orgasm. You never felt this great.

"Yes, yes, yes! YES!" you howl.

"Oh yes, Jess, rub your pussy against mine! Ahh!" she hollers.

With one final push directly against your pussy, you have the biggest orgasm yet. Your whole body shakes as a result. Your bodies break free from each other and your mom comes up and lays beside you, caressing your body.

"You know, we should get someone else to be with us," she says.

"But Mom, that means less for me," you whimper.

She laughs and kisses you for a few moments before both of you head back inside.

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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