HTW/GoF: Ask Ron to 69

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Harry wanted to feel his best friend's mouth on his cock. Harry wasn't sure what Ron would say to the request but was so turned on by the idea that he knew he had to at least try.

"Ron, I love this cock." Harry said again, "Just sucking you is making me so close, would you wanna do it at the same time?" Harry said. Ron seemed a little confused. He had had lust in his eyes when Harry talked about loving his cock, but was not following what "at the same time" meant. Harry decided to stop beating around the bush. Harry got up, quickly striped from his pajamas and returned to Ron's bed, but this time Harry was on his side, with his head next to Ron's crotch and his own cock next to Ron's head. Ron got the point and said "Of course. Anything for you, mate."

With that, Ron took Harry's cock into his mouth. Harry moaned around Ron's cock. Harry had never had another person touch his cock. Ron clearly did not have the same experience has Harry, who had been practicing oral sex on Aunt Petunia's carrots, cucumbers, and banana's for the past four years. Despite this, Ron still understood the basics, no teeth, swirl the tongue, and jerk the base. The fact that Harry's best mate was sucking him off and the rush of having someone actually touch him 'down there' meant Harry was about to bust.

"Ron. I'm gonna come, mate. Sucking your fat cock is just too much of a turn on. I can't last much longer." Harry knew somehow that acting like a whore for Ron's cock would turn his best friend on. And it was easy enough to act like this. Ron's thick, pale, cock was a turn on. Harry even noticed that Ron's cock had a few freckles on it, Just like Ron had on the rest of his body. Ron sucked a little harder and made no effort to move of Harry's cock, realizing his best friend was about to swallow his come pushed Harry over the edge. He shot rope after rope down Ron's throat, Ron' grabbed Harry's ass, and thrust the dark-haired boy's pelvis deeper into his mouth. Clearly, Ron liked sucking cock too.

Once Harry was over his initial post-orgasm bliss, he turned his attention back fully to Ron's beast. It wasn't much longer before Ron's balls retracted and the red-head was cumming in Harry's mouth. Harry savored the salty flavor of his friends cum. He and Ron sat there for a moment, sweaty and bellies full of one another's cum. Harry eventually moved from this position and turned to face Ron. Looking him deep in the eye the both moved in for the kiss at the same time.

The kiss was deep, and Harry could taste his own cum on Ron's tongue. Kneeling on Ron's twin bed their embrace became more intimate, Harry wrapped his arms around Ron's neck, Ron in turn was running one hand through Harry's hair and had another hand firmly cupping Harry's left ass check.

Their moment was interrupted by the sounds of the others getting up and heading downstairs. Reality hit them like a ton of bricks. They both reluctantly detached themselves and rushed to get their stuff together before heading downstairs.

HTW/GoF: Get ready for the World Cup (01)

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