HTW/GoF: Give Ron a great 'good morning'

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Harry, with resolve in his heart, got up from his own bed and went over to Ron's. Ron's lanky frame was sprawled on his bed uncovered as he had kicked off the homemade quilt in the night. Ron's face was scrunched up, trying to block out the light from from the lamp on the dresser. Harry hovered over him, took one deep breath and then hooked his fingers into the waistband of Ron's pajama bottoms, pulling them down enough to expose a patch of copper-colored pubes and a heavy, semi-hard cock sitting on top of a pair of impressively large balls.

Harry gasped, he had seen Ron in the showers before and caught glimpse of his dick but Ron was always soft in those instances and trying to hide his genitals from the other boys.

Ron had not noticed Harry exposing his cock and Harry did not want to give Ron the time to react. Harry opened his mouth and guided Ron's cockhead in in. Harry began sucking and swirling his tongue around Ron's cock when he heard a moan above him. Ron had definitely noticed Harry's sucking. Harry looked up to see his best friend looking down at him, wide-eyed. Harry plopped Ron's cockhead out of his mouth and gave Ron's cock a few quick jerks. "Who knew you had such a fucking monster cock." Harry said with a smile. Ron blushed hard and mumbled something but Harry bulled over him. "I love your fucking cock, Ron. Can I pleas keep sucking on it?" Harry said as pathetically as he could.

Ron looked shocked to hear his best friend, the famous Harry Potter begging for Ron Weasley's cock. Harry gave Ron's cock a few licks up and down the shaft with the tip of his tongue, all the while keeping eye contact with Ron. Ron moaned as Harry started jerking the base off his cock and began playing with his balls. Harry took Ron's moaning as ascent and began taking Ron's cock back in his mouth, this time taking all 8 1/2 thick inches down his throat.

Harry got into a good rhythm, gagging and slurping on his best friend's knob. Ron ran his fingers through Harry's hair, intermittently moaning and mumbling under his breath. Harry couldn't hear everything Ron was saying but "bloody hell" and "fuck yeah, mate" were audible.

Sucking Ron's thick cock was such a turn on for Harry. Harry knew he had no time to have Ron fuck his ass so he had to think of a way to come.

HTW/GoF: Ask Ron to 69

HTW/GoF: Jerk off

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