HTW/GoF: Go check-in on the twins

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Harry crawled out of bed. Knowing that Mr. Weasley wanted him to help him get the twins up Harry figured he would start with them first. They were the Weasleys, apart from Ron, that Harry knew and liked best but he also knew corralling them would be harder than with Ron.

When he approached the twin's room he knocked. "Just a sec" either Fred or George, he had no idea which, answered.

Assuming they thought he was one of their parents Harry answered back "It's me, Harry. Your mum and dad are downstairs still."

Harry heard noises of relief and then the door swung open revealing either Fred or George in the doorway. It was hard, in the limited light, to tell as the differences between Fred and George were so subtle but Harry could tell that whichever twin was in front of him was naked. He was used to this, he knew the twins to stay naked in the Gryffindor boy's Quidditch locker room for a very long time and both had mentioned that they prefer to sleep naked.

As Harry entered the room he saw the other twin, who he thought might be Fred, standing in front of one of the beds in the room which had a rucksack on it. He looked up and winked at Harry. "Just doing some last minute packing before we head off. Plenty of chances to hock our wears once we get to the match." Fred explained.

"You're dad told me to tell you we need to be downstairs in 20 minutes." Harry said. "Do you think they'll care that you're bringing this stuff?" Harry added, knowing how angry Mrs. Weasley had been when she found out about the products from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.

George, who had now shut the door, came up behind Harry and started rubbing the younger boy's shoulders. "You need to relax." He whispered into Harry's ear. "Yeah, carry on like this and you'll end up being a no-fun, worrywart like Weatherby." Harry made a noise halfway between a moan and a snort. He was laughing at the joke but George's massage was getting Harry hot. He may be used to the twins being naked but that didn't make seeing them like this any less sexy.

Fred approached Harry from the front. He was as naked as George and was looking deep into Harry's eyes. "You said dad gave us 20? That's plenty of time, 'ey George?" "It will have to do." George answered, kissing the nape of Harry's neck. This time Harry clearly moaned. Fred smiled, wickedly, and moved in closer kissing the other side of Harry's neck.

The twins were taller than Harry but much bulkier. Their wide shoulders, sculpted chests, and muscular arms had always turned Harry on. He could now see that they were both sporting identical erections. Both, thick as Harry's wrist and about 8 inches long.

The twins continued like this, kissing and nibbling on Harry for a bit, making the dark haired teen hard as a rock in pajamas. Fred hooked his fingers into the waistband of Harry's pants and pulled them down while George pealed Harry's top off over his head and let it fall to the floor.

Harry's hands found both of the twins cocks and he was now jerking them both off, one in each hand. Harry's mouth longed to be on one or both of the long, rigid cocks but accommodating the sizable dicks would take some planning.

HTW/GoF: Suck off both the twins at the same time

HTW/GoF: Start a daisy chain with Fred and George

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