HTW/GoF: Harry gets his face fucked by Mr. Weasley

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Harry sat on his knees in front of Mr. Weasley's cock. It must be at least 9 inches long and was as thick as baby's arm. Harry marveled at it for a few moments before making his move. In one fell swoop, he took his right hand, placed it over Mr. Weasley's left wrist and pulled Mr. Weasley's left hand from his cock. Harry then moved lightening fast to fit the cock into his waiting mouth.

Harry heard Mr. Weasley's noises of shock and protest above him. Harry had expected this but he just kept his right hand on Mr. Weasley's writ, keeping the hand from pulling Harry off his cock, while Harry's other hand moved to the base of Mr. Weasley's cock, jerking the base while he sucked in as much of Mr. Weasley's prick as he could.

Mr. Weasley's protests became more and more feeble, he even relaxed a bit but it was when a Harry let out a lecherous moan. Mr. Weasley was roused again. Apparently, the sound of his son's best friend slurping happily on his cock less than 10 yards away from the house where his wife and family slept was too much for the older wizard. He made to stand in front of Harry but he had not been able to get the younger boy's mouth and hand off his cock.

"Harry, you must stop this. Now I really must insist.." Mr. Weasley started to say.

Harry interrupted him. Taking care to keep his left hand jerking Mr. Weasley's cock Harry pulled his mouth off long enough to say "Mr. Weasley you have the best cock I have ever seen. I don't care what you say I need this." Harry then dove right back down on to him. Mr. Weasley did not say anything after that. His hips however, began to rock slowly bringing more of the cock into Harry's mouth.

"You need it aye?" Mr. Weasley said, sounding both excited and unsure. Harry just moaned for an affirmative response and looked up with his large green eyes into the blue eyes of the older man. Mr. Weasley put his hand on the back of Harry's head. At first to steady himself, Harry's bobbing and Mr. Weasley's seemingly involuntary hip thrusts were making this a dangerous dance.

But Mr. Weasley seemed to find his resolve. He looked down at Harry again and something darker flashed across his eyes. It wasn't just plain arousal or shock, it was now a bolder lust. Mr. Weasley's grasp on Harry's head became much firmer, he was now holding Harry's face in place. Mr. Weasley's small hip movements changed too. Instead of slowly jerking forward in response to Harry's sucking, Mr. Weasley was now forcing more of his cock into Harry's mouth. This forced Harry to change tact too. Harry was now no longer using his hand on Mr. Weasley's cock but instead had move both his hands to the older wizard's hips. Harry didn't try to slow Mr. Weasley down (on the contrary, Harry loved being used like this by him) but to keep Harry in his kneeling position as Mr. Weasley's thrusts were now being made with such vigor that Harry felt like one strong one would knock him down flat.

Harry opened the back of his throat as best he could and let Mr. Weasley drive him. harry noticed that Mr. Weasley was now mumbling under his breath words like "take it", "oh yeah", "take my cock". Words Harry was sure Mr. Weasley could never say to Mrs. Weasley.

Mr. Weasley's hold on the back of Harry's head was now nearly painful. And Harry was taking so much of the massive cock that his eyes were not only watering but tears had began to roll down his cheeks. Mr. Weasley's thicket of rust-colored pubes were now being thrust in to Harry's face, ticking his cheeks and nose. Saliva and pre-cum were now spilling down Harry's chin, puddling onto the floor. Breathing was becoming harder for Harry... and he loved it. Harry's cock was hard as a rock and his own hips were now thrusting upwards. Being used in such a manner was turning Harry on so much his cock now begged for release.

"Fuck here it comes" Mr. Weasley said. His thrusts into Harry's eager yet now sore mouth were become increasing erratic. Mr. Weasley now had both hands on the boy's Head, keeping him firmly in position to receive this cock. Harry didn't taste any cum, Mr. Weasley's cock was so far down his throat that he couldn't even tell he was coming except for the roar of pleasure that Mr. Weasley let out. Harry did feel something go down his throat, he gagged a little and sputtered as Mr. Weasley's full length was still inside his mouth.

Mr. Weasley held Harry in this position for a few moments, Harry sputtering the whole time, before he finally let go of the younger wizard. Harry half collapsed. His breathing was a bit labored as his airflow had been so spoty for several minutes but when he finally looked up at Mr. Weasley he gave him a deep, satisfied grin. Mr. Weasley beamed back at Harry. He swooped down, crocked his hands under Harry's armpits and lifted him up to face him, eye to eye. There kiss came rapidly. It was as frantic and passionate as the blowjob had been. Harry's erection, now only covered by the t-shirt, was poking Mr. Weasley in the waist. Mr. Weasley broke the kiss only long enough to look down and smile at Harry's cock. He then pushed the younger wizard against the wall of the garage and hoisted Harry up off his feet. Harry instinctually wrapped his arms around Mr. Weasley's neck and wrapped his legs around the older man's waist.

Mr. Weasley brought his hand up to Harry's mouth and said, "Spit." Harry did as he was told and then Mr. Weasley took his now spit soaked hand and wrapped it around Harry's cock and began to pump up and down.

Harry's body began gyrating slowly and Mr. Weasley's body met him, matching the rhythm Mr. Weasley was using to jerk Harry's cock. The feeling was too intense for Harry and after getting all worked up from getting used by Mr. Weasley he was cumming hard into Mr. Weasley's hand.

"That's it, cum for me Harry." Mr. Weasley said. The two began kissing as Harry slowly came down from his orgasm. Eventually, Harry and Mr. Weasley broke apart from their kiss and Harry climbed down from the wall, untangling himself from Mr. Weasley rather reluctantly.

"Mr. Weasley, can I clean you with my mouth? I didn't get a proper taste and I need it. I promise to be quick!" Mr. Weasley stared at Harry for a second, taken a bit aback but then laughed. Mr. Weasley still seemed surprised just how hungry Harry was for his cock. Mr. Weasley allowed Harry to get back on his knees. Harry licked and sucked lovingly on Mr. Weasley's cock to clean the cum off of it.Harry took special care to suck hard on the tip, to get a few drops of delicious cum before he let Mr. Weasley pull his trousers back up.

The two exchanged a few kisses but separated themselves knowing that they had limited time. Mr. Weasley said he would distract Mrs. Weasley long enough to for Harry to run back upstairs. Harry did so and after changing Harry and Ron came back downstairs. Harry pretending as if nothing had happened.

HTW/GoF: Get ready for the World Cup (03)

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