HTW/GoF: Jerk off

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Harry didn't want to take his mouth off of Ron's cock for even a second. Harry had one hand at the base of Ron's thick cock and he took his free hand, plunged into his pajama pants and wrapped his own fingers around his aching member.

"Ron, I love this cock." Harry said again, "Just sucking you is making me so close." Ron moaned at hearing Harry's words. Ron's hand found itself on the back of Harry's head, his fingers running through the dark, messy hair.

"Harry, you're bloody brilliant at this. I love this." Ron sighed. Harry moaned around Ron's cock, pleased by Ron's praise. Harry was glad but not altogether surprised that Ron appreciated Harry's skills. Harry had been practicing oral sex on Aunt Petunia's carrots, cucumbers, and banana's for the past four years and judging by Ron's pre-cum leaking cock, Harry's practice had paid off.

"Sucking your fat cock is just too much of a turn on. I can't last much longer." Harry said. He knew somehow that acting like a whore for Ron's cock would turn his best friend on. And it was easy enough to act like this. Ron's thick, pale, cock was a turn on. Harry even noticed that Ron's cock had a few freckles on it, Just like Ron had on the rest of his body.

Ron's hand at the back of Harry's head was now pushing Harry deeper on Ron's cock. Harry could feel Ron's bushy pubes tickle his nose. The sensations on Ron's cock impaling his mouth and jerking himself off was too much for Harry, who began coming into his own hand. Moaning deeply around Ron's cock, Harry surrendered to his orgasmic haze has Ron continued to fuck his face. Ron's frantic humps became even more sporadic and when Harry saw Ron's balls tighten and contract, Harry knew what was coming. Ron shot rope after rope down Harry's throat. Harry could barley taste it but he could tell it was salty and thick. Harry chocked a bit and instinct made him wriggle a bit to keep from chocking but Ron kept a firm grip on the back of his head.

Eventually Ron's grip let up but by that time Harry was use to the sensation. He kept sucking Ron for a bit before coming off his friends cock.Sitting up on his knees on the bed, Harry looked at his friend. Ron had a lazy, happy smile and eventually pulled himself up to be kneeling on the bed like Harry was, their faces inches away from each other. The both leaned in for a kiss at the same time.

The kiss was deep, and Harry knew Ron was tasting a bit of his own cum in Harry's mouth. Their embrace became more intimate, Harry wrapped his arms around Ron's neck. Ron in turn was running one hand through Harry's hair and had another hand firmly cupping Harry's left ass check.

Their moment was interrupted by the sounds of the others getting up and heading downstairs. Reality hit them like a ton of bricks. They both reluctantly detached themselves and rushed to get their stuff together before heading downstairs.

HTW/GoF: Get ready for the World Cup (01)

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