HTW/GoF: Look at the Irish tents

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Harry decided to look at the displays that the Irish supporters had put up in their area of the campsite.

During his search he found his classmate Seamus Finnigan, an Irish, sandy-haired, Gryffindor boy that was in Harry's year. Seamus, his mother, and Seamus' friend Dean Thomas had all come for the tournament but only Seamus was at the tent. He invited Harry inside and Harry felt like he was sitting in a field made of living room furniture. Every stitch was emerald green. Seamus handed Harry an ice cold bottle of butterbeer and took one for himself.

"My mother is at a tent a few rows down, chatting with her cousins." Seamus said taking a swig from his bottle. "There are so many of those damned cousins and once they get started, there's no stopping them. They just shriek like harpies all day" Harry laughed and then asked where Dean was. Seamus rolled his eyes and said, "Some Ravenclaw in the year ahead of us is here with her family. She and Dean flirted all last term and he's off trying to seal the deal."

Harry wasn't shocked to hear that about Dean, who was very good looking. Seamus was by no means ugly, but his disheveled robes and untidy hair always made him look a bit of a mess. Harry didn't mind though, Harry's own hair was always untidy. Harry had also noticed that as Seamus matured, his body got firmer and bigger and with his sandy-blonde he now had a handsome, roguish, but still boyish look.

"That Ravenclaw had some friend for me to talk to but honestly, she's was such a hag I skived off. Till you got here I was probably going to jerk off to one of the Patel twins or one of those Bulgarian dancers." Harry was not surprised, of all his dormmates, Seamus was definitely the most frequent and brazen masturbater.

Harry just laughed but was now feeling a bit hotter after hearing Seamus talk about jerking off. Harry looked Seamus up and down, a signal that was not missed by the other boy.

Seamus stretched, and in his t-shirt, this showed off his more toned arms. "I can't wait for Ireland to crush Krum, that smug bastard. Who are you supporting?" before Harry could answer Seamus cut in again, "I bet you're supporting Krum, you seem like the type to cream your knickers over him." Seamus said with a smirk. "Well tell ya what. I'm so desperate, let's make a bet. If Ireland loses, I'll give ya 10 galleons and do the first homework assignment of next term for you. But if Ireland wins you have to suck my fat, Irish, cock." Seamus laughed.

Harry couldn't quite tell if Seamus was serious. Seamus was always making jokes like this but seldom without an audience and even less often did Seamus make the joke so explicit.

HTW/GoF: Decline Seamus' offer

HTW/GoF: Tell Seamus you don't need a bet

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