HTW/GoF: See what Mr. Weasley is up to

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The idea that Mr. Weasley might have noticed that Harry had had a hardon was a little mortifying but also, a bit thrilling. Harry, who had not exactly grown up around a strong father-figure, had always appreciated Mr. Weasley. Kind, caring, yet firm when he needed to be Mr. Weasley was the typical 'dad' and Harry would be lying if this wasn't a bit of a turn on.

Harry was only wearing a night shirt and a pair of Y-fronts. The shirt, which had once been Dudley's, was so large on his slim frame that cam halfway down his thigh. Harry, feeling a little naughty, decided to check on Mr. Weasley. Harry didn't have much of a plan, but he knew he wanted something. Harry tanked his Y-fronts down past his ankles and stepped out of them. He then gave Ron a quick 'I'll be back' before existing the room.

Harry Saw Mr. Weasley check in on the twins quickly before heading downstairs. Harry, acting on instinct, followed him. Harry tried to make as little noise as possible. He followed Mr. Weasley all the way down to the last floor. Harry saw Mrs. Weasley in the kitchen bustling over a pot and making sure the rucksacks were ready. Mr. Weasley said he was going to 'check on something in the garage before the kids came down' Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes but said nothing else, she no doubt assumed her husband was fiddling around with some Muggle contraption.

Mr. Weasley then slid out the side door. Harry followed, undetected by Mrs. Weasley who was still stirring some pot with her back to him. In the dark garden Harry saw Mr. Weasley enter the garage and close the door. Harry waited a minute, he wasn't sure why he had followed Mr. Weasley all the way down here, and without his underwear. But something had told Harry to come down, and he might was well see it through. Harry crept towards the garage and peered through a window. The light was limited, but he could see that Mr. Weasley had dropped his pants, leaned his back against the wall and was now slowly stroking the largest cock Harry had ever seen. Thick, pale, with a sizable foreskin rolling back and forth over a pigeon egg-sized cockhead.

Harry was in love, for the past few years, Harry had taken to taking Aunt Petunia's vegetables and sliding them down his throat. Cucumbers, carrots, parsnips, all of them. He loved the feeling at the back of his throat and seeing Mr. Weasley's large cock made Harry's mouth water with desire.

Harry entered the garage through the door that Mr. Weasley had used, willing it to not creek to loudly. His entrance was undetected as Mr. Weasley was apparently in the throws of passion, jerking his cock with his eyes closed.

Harry decided to make his move now, before Mr. Weasley could react. He moved to kneel in front of the stool Mr. Weasley was sitting on.

HTW/GoF: Harry sucks Mr. Weasley off

HTW/GoF: Harry gets his face fucked by Mr. Weasley

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