HTW/GoF: Start a daisy chain with Fred and George

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Harry's senses were in overload from the twins' touches and feeling their hard, girthy cocks. It was making his mouth water.

Harry leaned in and kissed and kissed Fred in front of him. Fred returned the kiss and was a surprisingly gentle, which Harry had not expected. Harry then felt George behind him, kissing Harry's neck and giving Harry and intimate small bite on the neck. Harry moaned at the bite. Encouraged, Fred moved his kiss from Harry's mouth to his neck while George tilted Harry's hide back and to the side to give him a kiss from behind.

Harry was not sure how they did it but next thing he knew the twins had navigated the three of them to the floor. The kissing and necking continued alternating between the three of them. When Fred rose up slightly and leaned over Harry to plant a long, slow kiss on George's lips Harry audibly moaned. Fred and George both looked over at him. Both were clearly pleased that he had enjoyed their performance.

They moved in unison. George moving so that his head was across Harry's naked lap, while Fred put his head in George's lap and stuck his cock near Harry's face. Harry looked at the veiny cock and it's red head with a hunger. He stuck out his mouth and gave a few tentative licks. Fred moaned in appreciation. Harry had been practicing his oral skills for past few years on Aunt Petunia's cucumbers, bananas, and carrots. Feeling bolder he slipped the head of Fred's cock in his mouth and sucked hard while he swirled his tongue around the cockhead. Fred moaned again but this time his moan was muffled. Harry looked over to see Fred's head bobbing up and down on George's cock with a skill and familiarity that told Harry that this was not a new game for the twins.

Harry then looked over at George who had been gently jerking Harry's cock with one hand and held the other on the back of his twin's head. George gave Harry a wicked grin before taking Harry's whole length in his mouth at once. Harry moaned deeply around the cock that was in his mouth. He had never had someone else touch his cock and now two of the hottest men he had ever met were in a chain with him, trying to get each other off.

Harry tried his best to balance the overwhelming sensations happening on his cock and appreciate the mouthwatering cock in front of him. Fred's dick was a little too thick for Harry to deepthroat at first but eventually Fred shifted slightly so that his crotch was hovering over Harry's face. Fred than began to hump Harry's open mouth vigorously. This sent Harry into haven at one end, his cock was getting suck for the first time and at the other end a gorgeous man was having his way with Harry's mouth and throat.

It was not long before Harry's orgasm came on. He wanted to tell George that he was about to cum but with Fred's skull fucking he wasn't able to. All Harry could manage was a few head taps. Apparently George caught on as he said "Cum in mouth, Harry. Lord knows Freddie's gonna do the same you and I'm definitely going to do the same to him." Fred gave a noise of accent, George's cock was still stuffed in Fred's mouth making it impossible for him to talk.

With that worry out the way Harry relaxed more. He brought his hands up to George's beefy ass cheeks and started helping the red head pump into Harry's eager mouth. George began rapidly stroking the base of Harry's cock and sucking very hard on the tip of Harry's cock. This sent Harry over the edge and began spurting rope after rope into George's mouth. George didn't miss a meat and kept stroking and sucking Harry through his orgasm. Harry began spasming from pleasure. His grip on Fred's ass tightened and it wasn't long before he felt thick streams of cum enter his own mouth.

Fred's moans were audible even with George's dick in his mouth. George peeled his mouth off of Harry's softening dick and said "Fuck, I'm getting close too." He then leaned back. Without a cock in his mouth his moans were much louder. Harry was savoring the taste of Fred's hot and sticky cum in his mouth when an idea sprang into his head. "Can I taste him too?" Harry asked Fred looked up from George's lap directly and Harry, he plopped George's stiff member out of his mouth and said "His cock is so much worse than mine but be my guest." Fred said with a laugh.

George shoved Fred playfully with his foot "As if, harry just wants the best cock in the house and clearly that wasn't yours."

Harry climbed over to George's lap and simply said "I just needed to taste you both."He then proceeded to bob up and down on George's cock while Fred watched. George did not take too long before his cock began spurting into Harry's mouth. A little more prepared for it this time, Harry was able to swallow without chocking for the most part.

When he eventually pulled off of George's cock too the twins both pulled him into a kneeling embrace. Kissing between the three of them ensued before Mrs. Weasley's voice from downstairs stirred Harry out of his reverie and compelled him to gather his things and head out. "Thanks for breakfast" The twins said in unison as he left. Harry smiled to himself as he made his way back up to Ron's room and got ready.

HTW/GoF: Get ready for the World Cup (02)

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