HTW/GoF: Tell Seamus you don't need a bet

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Harry decides to push Seamus further. "I don't need 10 galleons and to be frank, I'd be better off trying to copy off Hermione than have you do my assignment." Harry said with a laugh. He strode over to where Seamus was sitting. Seamus looked like he wasn't sure whether to be offended or not and said "Well then what do you want then?"

Harry smiled, he was now standing directly in front of Seamus. "I don't need a silly bet but I do need cock so I think we can just cut right to the chase." Harry said, dropping to his knees in front of the sitting Seamus. Harry reached up and started undoing Seamus' pants but as soon as the Irish boy realized that Harry was serious he bolted up right and in one fluid motion had his pants around his ankles.

Seamus hadn't been kidding. His uncut cock was thicker than Harry's wrist and was already rather hard, easily 7 1/2 inches. It sat beneath a thick bush that was just a slightly darker shade of blonde than the hair on his head. Beneath it hung two, hairy low-hangers the size of golf balls. Harry had seen Seamus' cock before in the showers. He was the most brazen of all the boys and one more than one occasion, Seamus had tied a bar of soap to his cock and swung it around for laughs. But Harry had never seen his cock hard before, and had never seen it at it's full girth.

"Well" Seamus said, he sounded both eager and a little nervous. "Are you still in, Potter?"

Harry didn't need to be asked twice. He gave his answer by grabbing Seamus' thighs for support, leaning in closely, and giving Seamus cockhead a few teasing licks. Seamus moaned deeply and Harry noticed that the blonder boy had immediately started producing pre-cum from the tip of his cock. Harry smiled and wondered if Seamus was likely to last long. Wanting to savor the moment, Harry decided to focus on Seamus huge nuts. He began licking the left one slowly, dragging the tip of his tongue across the skin, Seamus let out a low sigh in response. Harry then moved on to the next nut, repeating his process but adding to it by popping the nut into his mouth and sucking on it gently. "Fucking hell." Seamus said from above Harry.

Harry decided he knew exactly how to drive Seamus mad. Harry took Seamus' whole cock into his mouth in one go and began to give him a frenzied, blowjob. Seamus moaned loudly, holding onto Harry's shoulders for support while Harry's head bobbed up and down on the blonde boy's cock. When Harry could sense Seamus was getting close Harry pulled off his cock and stood up. Seamus seemed shocked and almost heart broken. Before Seamus could say a word of protest, Harry winked at his classmate while peeling off his own clothes. Seamus, confused but excited upon realizing the fun was not over hurriedly joined Harry in stripping.

Once they were both nude, Seamus surprised Harry by pulling him into a kiss. Harry smiled into the kiss and then opened his mouth to accept Seamus' tongue. Seamus was a surprisingly good kisser and when he gave Harry's lower lip a gentle bite Harry moaned appreciatively. Harry pulled away from the kiss and turned around, he had grabbed his wand before he had taken off all his clothes and with it in hand cast his favorite spell which would both lube his hole, dull any pain in his ass, and increase pleasure. It was a more complicated spell but it was one of the first ones he had mastered after coming to Hogwarts. It had come in handy all those nights he would finger-fuck himself.

Harry bent himself over the couch and was about to tell Seamus to come fuck him when the blonde boy appeared right behind him and entered Harry's ass without invitation. Harry didn't mind though, the sensation was outstanding. With the effects of the spell, Seamus' hard cock could pound into Harry's hole all he wanted and only pleasure would come from it. Harry groaned in pleasure and began jerking himself off. Seamus was fucking him very hard, ramming his cock as fast as he could. Within a few minutes Seamus was pumping Harry full of his cum. Seamus was almost screaming more than moaning, it was like some ancient war-cry.

With Seamus still inside him Harry beat himself off and came for the second time that day.

Seamus and Harry kissed as they dressed. When Harry was finally presentable again Seamus immediate pulled down Harry's pants once more, just below the ass. Seamus then gave Harry's ass a hard yet playful slap and hiked Harry's pants back up for him. With that Harry left the tent to go find the Weasleys and Hermione.

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