HTW: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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Harry awoke with a start the morning of the Quidditch World Cup. Between twisted dreams about men plotting against him and sex-filled dreams about men doing naughty things to him, he had been having trouble sleeping for weeks now.

Harry's skin was a little sweaty and without his glasses the room seemed fuzzy but he could make out the shape of a tall man with an oil lamp.

"Come on boys, time to get a move on." Harry heard Mr. Weasley say. Harry put on his glasses and could see Mr. Wesley more clearly. He whispered to Harry so Ron, who was barley awake in the bed next to Harry, wouldn't hear. "We have a bit of time still but I want to make sure everyone is up and ready and has time to take care of," Mr. Weasley's voice trailed off a a bit before he finished "all their needs." He finished.

Harry blushed, even though he had had a nightmare and it was still pitch black outside, he still had a morning hardon. Had Mr. Weasley seen? Or did he just know that all men must have that.

"When you're ready if you wouldn't mind on checking on one of the twins and making sure Ron is down stairs in 20? Bill, Charlie, and Percy are coming in later so you can let them sleep." With that, Mr. Weasley left the room. He kept the lamp on a dresser, making the room bright enough to see. Ron was frowning, clearly wanting a bit more sleep. Harry, meanwhile, was mortified that Mr. Weasley had so clearly talked about getting off before they headed out.

Harry lied back down on his pillow, frustrated. He didn't want more sleep, he wanted to cum and he didn't want to do it by himself this time. Feeling a sense of resolve, Harry took stalk of his options.

HTW/GoF: Give Ron a great 'good morning'

HTW/GoF: Go check-in on the twins

HTW/GoF: See what Mr. Weasley is up to

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