Have Diane walk you back to your house

From Create Your Own Story

You walk with Diane back to your house. Diane smiles when you introduce her to Jessica and Valerie.

Diane insists on helping you with your homework, so you take her to your room."The quicker you finish," she whispers, "the quicker I can ravage you."

She waits until the last book is back in your pack, then yanks you up and claws at your clothes. You hastily strip, as does she. She spreads her legs, faces you, and aggressively rubs her pussy. Her small but firm breasts have the nipples already stiffened into points. Your pole stiffens at once, and Diane smiles. She walks over and pushes you backwards, then lifts you onto the bed. She then climbs on top of you, grinding her pussy against your cock and ramming her tongue down your throat.

You are possessing:
12th Grade Boy
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