Have them turn her over and take that tight ass

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Miranda's tight cunt had felt incredible and you're dying to find out what a preteen's ass would feel like. "I'm going to split her ass. Turn her over."

Without much trouble the guys turn her over, though she is still kicking and struggling. Again her legs are caught and held down, her delicious little ass displayed up in the air. It looks almost inviting to you, as if waiting to be fucked hard and filled with cum. She is trembling and shaking, but you're too filled with lust and desire to care.

One of your teammates hands you a tube of lube, already opened, and one of the linebackers, a big guy named Tylor, grabs her asscheeks, pulling them apart. She moans out in fear at that. Then you begin to make her ready. She tenses up as she feels your fingers on her backdoor, working the lube up and down her crack, whimpering in defeat and pleading to be let go. Not like you have any intention to do so. Then you push two fingers into her back entrance and you are sure that without the lube they would not have gone in. Oh my god... you think as you feel her tight pucker around your fingers.

You work more and more of the lube into her, making her ready to accept your cock. "Shut up bitch, be happy he doesn't fuck you dry," someone says and several guys laugh out loud. You even see Chad smirking at that.

Knowing that you have made her as ready as she'll ever be, you line up your throbbing cock with her virgin asshole. Next to you your little sister is getting plowed by the next guy, fucking her hard in her box while someone else is throat fucking her, making her neck bulge. You push forward slowly.

The lubricant makes squishy noises as you push forward, and you still face resistance. But the lube helps you and the head of your cock pushes into Katy gently. Your actually fucking a jailbait girl's asshole, pushing your cock in her extremely tight backdoor entrance. This is so surreal but good.

"Aaaah... it hurts", she wails and pulls you back into reality.

Someone tells you to begin to fuck her, making her ready for the real thing. Well, what else could you do now? Knowing fully well that you will enjoy this you push the rest of your head in, harder now, and some of your shaft. She screams but it is muffled by someone pushing his cock into her mouth. Now the real fucking begins in earnest. Under the catcalls and howling of your teammates you bang Katy's asshole faster and faster, burying your cock in her with quick, long thrusts. It's not long before you can feel your cock twitching inside of her, ready to shoot another load into her.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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