He's My Father

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She doesn't seem like the judgmental type and you'd like to be honest with a person your striking up a friendship with so you tell her honestly, "He's my Dad", and a wide eyed brightness enters her eyes, "DAAAAMN! Amy! you dirty dirty gurl" she says with a gloriously naughty grin, she notices a wave of relief come over you, "That's amazing you trusted me with that Amy, thank you, don't worry I won't tell a soul and between you and me, If Maya didn't have a Dick between her legs I'd be gettin' in oan that daily and nightly" she says in such a lighthearted yet sincere tone, before turning attention to your hair again. "Baby since your so special and gorgeous am gonna put in that extra 20% that'll make a fuckin' supermodel jealous of you babygirl..."

You are:
Josh, age 18
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