He asks you on a date

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Happy

After you've both recovered from the intense fuck enough to speak, Jason gives you a smile. "Now that we've gotten to know each other, why don't we go on a date?"

You like that idea. You suggest going to his place, as yours is still a raging inferno.

On the date, after you consume dinner he pops a movie into the player that you both end up not watching, as you're too busy fucking like rabbits again. You lie naked in his arms and cuddle against him. "I like being with you," you murmur.

"And I like being in... er, with you," he purrs.

"In me works," you giggle.

Within 2 days you've moved your stuff into Jason's place, and he's moved his dick into your pussy as often as possible. He sells off his businesses and the two of you spend the rest of your days happily fucking the time away.


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