He gives in to the demands

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You know that Chad faces a loss of reputation with his friends if he backs down on this. And it's not like he stands a chance of getting her away from all of these horny jocks. Hell, he may not even really have a choice in having sex with his sister. You know that once the guys in here saw you fuck your sister earlier, they started to get a taste for the perverse.

"Okay, I'll do it," Chad says, looking around at his friends.

Katy looks at Chad in horror as he walks up slowly between her legs. He gets his cock ready as the football players keep her held down for him.

"Chad, you can't do this," Katy pleads. "I'll tell Mom!"

"Kary, don't make a scene in front of my friends," he tells her. You see him fumbling with his cock and trying to get it lined up right with his sister. The suddenly uber-confident jock is just a nervous schoolboy again.

Then he plunges his cock into his sister's pussy. She screams, and struggles harder, but the jocks make sure she isn't going anywhere.

"Another virgin," one of the players says with a smirk.

"Chad popped her cherry good," another says, laughing.

A third player slaps Chad's ass, making him drive deeper into Katy, making both yelp. "Come on, don't make us wait all day! Fuck the slut!"

Chad starts pumping into his sister. Katy looks down, aghast, as her brother's cock moves in and out of her. You see your own sister, Miranda, reach out her hand for Katy. Miranda has her mouth full of cock, so can't even say anything to her, but the older girl clutches at your sister's hand as her pussy gets pounded. The guy fucking your sister's pussy pulls out as he finishes cumming, leaving her hole temporarily vacated as the jocks watch the incestuous sideshow.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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