He gropes you

From Create Your Own Story

Hands close around your tits. Your on your back. Dad is on top of you. Your brain feels fuzzy.

You feel scared, but your clouded mind can’t tell you why, so you let dad grope you. Squeezing and pulling and rubbing and biting. You trust your father, he must know what he’s doing.

Your mind suddenly snaps back into focus. You realize what he is doing.

God no

You scream, try to get him off of you, but to no avail. He clamps his mouth on your lips and starts rapeing your lips with his.You thrash and wriggle, but he just gropes and kisses you harder. His tongue enters your mouth, starting to play with yours.

You manage to get an arm loose and elbow him in the chin. He pulls back. He is sitting on your legs, pinning your arms down with his strong hands.

“That’s it!” he growls, rage in his eyes. “You asked for it!”

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