He moves your brother out of the way and takes a turn on your pussy

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Your dad guides your brother as Josh pulls his soft cock out of you and moves slowly out from between your legs. As soon as he does your Dad immediately takes your brother's place. When he moves between your legs he stops to “examine” your pussy. His fingers dance as he plays with your clit and moves his fingers inside you. His fingers come away completely soaked with your puss juices and brothers cum.

Your dad moves the head of his cock down to your hole, and pushes himself inside you. He feels bigger than your brother and definitely has more technique. Your dad kind of rolls his hips as he thrusts into you and soon has you screaming into his ear in pleasure. Josh, not wanting to be left out, takes the opportunity to play with your tits. He sucks and nips at your nipples. He then reaches a hand down and starts to play with your clit while your father continues to fuck you greatly increasing your pleasure. With all this attention your getting, you have yet another orgasm building up. The two of continue to work their magic and before you know it, you come hard on your daddy’s dick and brother's fingers.

I can’t believe mom gets this dick all the time, you think. She is so lucky. Your father fucks you for a little while longer and then he comes deep inside you as well. You're so exhausted at this point.

Your Dad sees how tired you are and asks you if you want him to clean you up or just go to your room?

You are:
Miranda, age 17
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